DescriptionBased on a description, create a schema and write a series of well-performing queries.
TypeHand-in assignment with oral explanation.
DurationAt most 1 working day.
Progress points1.0
Test matrix
Learning goal Know Comprehend Apply Analyze Evaluate Create Σ
Use SQL select queries to read, search, write, update and delete records. 19 19
Write SQL queries involving joins. 10 10
Describe real-world objects using Entity Relationship Diagrams. 19 19
Use GROUP BY and aggregate functions to calculate statistics. 10 10
Use subqueries. 10 10
Create normalized database tables based on an Entity Relationship Diagram. 10 10
Use indexes to enhance query performance. 10 10
Use foreign keys to guarantee data consistency. 10 10
Use views to simplify complicated database queries. 5 5
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