DescriptionImplement a well-known board game as a terminal application.
TypeHand-in assignment with oral explanation.
DurationAt most 1 working day.
Progress points1.0
Test matrix
Learning goal Know Comprehend Apply Analyze Evaluate Create Σ
Declare and assignment variables. 6 6
Output text and read user input. 6 6
Branch using if, elif and else. 6 6
Use loops. 6 6
Use comments and whitespace to improve readability. 6 6
Define and use functions that take arguments and return a value. 6 6
Give variables and functions concise but descriptive names. 12 12
Convert other types to string, concatenate strings and take substrings. 6 6
Create, search, modify and iterate lists. 12 12
Find and solve bugs in a program using a debugger. 6 6
Use dictionaries to model relations. 9 9
Read and write files. 9 9
Use modules to split a program into logical parts. 6 6
Gracefully handle errors by throwing and catching exceptions. 3 3
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