DescriptionImplement front-end, backend-end and testing for a PWA of your own design.
TypeProject with assessment.
DurationAt most 3 working days.
Progress points3.0
Test matrix
Learning goal Know Comprehend Apply Analyze Evaluate Create Σ
Program in JavaScript. 10 10
Use the Node.js ecosystem, including packages and build tools. 10 10
Create single-page applications in JavaScript. 10 10
Build tidy REST APIs using Node.js and express.js. 10 10
Manipulate the browser DOM to add interactivity to web sites. 10 10
Use Svelte to implement a web app. 19 19
Create (progressive) web apps that install as native apps and work offline. 19 19
Create API tests using Cypress. 7 7
Create end-to-end tests using Cypress. 7 7
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