DescriptionUse Rust to create a graphical game.
TypeHand-in assignment with oral explanation.
DurationAt most 3 working days.
Progress points3.0
Test matrix
Learning goal Know Comprehend Apply Analyze Evaluate Create Σ
Work with binary data, bits and bytes. 8 8
Explain the basic operation of a CPU, and its relation to memory and I/O. 17 17
Understand how the call stack works. 8 8
Use data types, variables, control flow, functions and terminal I/O in Rust. 17 17
Manually manage heap memory for a simple program. 8 8
Use and define traits and generics in Rust. 8 8
Use polymorphism in Rust. 8 8
Understand and use pointers. 8 8
Optimize applications for performance. 8 8
Work with low-level graphics primitives. 8 8
Write simple programs in an assembler language. must 0
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