DescriptionWrite valid and semantic HTML.
TypeHand-in assignment with oral explanation.
DurationAbout 1 working day.
Progress points1.5
Learning goals
  • Write valid and semantic HTML. 100%

Learning materials


Let's build a website that honors some of the programming heroes of the ages! You do the HTML, we've done the CSS styling. Of course, the HTML should be valid, semantic and consistently indented.

Install the 'Live Server' extension

Objective #1MUST

Within Visual Studio Code, install the Live Server extension created by ritwickdey, using the Extensions tab on the left of the window. After installing it, switch back to the Explorer tab, right-click index.html and select Open with Live Server. This should open the HTML document in your browser for preview in such a way, that any changes you make and save (ctrl-s) in Visual Studio Code will immediately be reflected in the browser.

The main page

Objective #22.1 points

You should edit the provided index.html such that when viewed in a browser it looks exactly like this:

The provided style.css file should take care of the styling. All you need to do is provide the right (semantic) HTML. You will probably want to peek inside the style.css to see what tags are being styled. We haven't studied the CSS language yet, but it should be pretty to easy to spot what HTML tag are being styled. This page explains exactly what you may want to know.

And of course, you'll have to properly <link> the CSS file from your HTML in order to apply it.

The privacy statement

Objective #32.1 points

Like above, but this time we're working on the most important page of any site: the one showing the privacy statement. Try to make privacy.html look exactly like this:

Hint: The small tag can be nested.


Objective #42.1 points

All of the blue texts in our two pages should be hyperlinks. There should be four types of links:

  • Regular, external links, in the description texts for our programming heroes. For each of these, feel free to pick any (appropriate) external URL to link to.
  • The Privacy statement link in the footer of the first page should link to the second page.
  • The four Read more on Wikipedia links should, when clicked, open a new browser tab/window where the relevant Wikipedia page is loaded. (Hint: look into the target attribute of <a>.)
  • The table of contents links on the second page should have the browser scroll to the relevant sections in the document. (Hint: look into URI fragments.)

Compliance with standards

Objective #52.1 points

Both your pages should pass the W3 HTML validator without issues.


Objective #6- 1.5 points0.5 points

Your HTML should be consistently indented, such that humans can easily understand the structure of your document.

Rubrics mapping and grading

Write valid and semantic HTML.
Base grade.1.001.0