DescriptionBuild an application using Docker and scripting.
TypeHand-in assignment with oral explanation.
DurationAt most 2 working days.
Progress points2.0
Test matrix
Learning goal Know Comprehend Apply Analyze Evaluate Create Σ
Perform basic Linux system administration. 12 12
Automate tasks using Linux shell scripting. 12 12
Encapsulate applications using Docker and Docker Compose. 12 12
Deploy applications to a public cloud infrastructure. 12 12
Declare and deploy a simple infrastructure from code. 12 12
Perform git commits, merges and rebases from the command line. 12 12
Use a web-based DevOps platform (GitLab) for issue management and merge requests. 12 12
Write scripts to automatically build, test and deploy apps using GitLab. 12 12
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