DescriptionCreate interview questions, a domain model and a UX design for a more complex case study.
TypeHand-in assignment with oral explanation.
DurationAbout 2 working days.
Progress points3.0
Learning goals
  • Effectively interview stakeholders with regard to requirements. 25%
  • Translate business requirements to a functional design. 25%
  • Draw wireframes to rapidly describe user interfaces. 25%
  • Describe real-world objects using Entity Relationship Diagrams. 25%
Pair programming You are allowed (but not required) to work together with a fellow student, practicing pair programming.
  1. Find a student who's also ready to do this assignment.
  2. Both of you start the assignment and fill in
  3. Do the assignment working together on one computer, alternating roles.
  4. Both of you submit at the same time, with only one uploading the actual code.
  5. We'll review and grade you together.
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