DescriptionLet's implement functions using a call stack in SAX16 assembly!
TypeHand-in assignment with oral explanation.
DurationAbout 1 working day.
Progress points1.5
Learning goals
  • Understand how the call stack works. 25%
  • Explain the basic operation of a CPU, and its relation to memory and I/O. 25%
  • Understand and use pointers. 25%
  • Write simple programs in an assembler language. 25%
Pair programming You are allowed (but not required) to work together with a fellow student, practicing pair programming.
  1. Find a student who's also ready to do this assignment.
  2. Both of you start the assignment and fill in
  3. Do the assignment working together on one computer, alternating roles.
  4. Both of you submit at the same time, with only one uploading the actual code.
  5. We'll review and grade you together.
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